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School January 24, 2007

Filed under: School — Jessie @ 9:16 pm

Ah, school time again. I am taking graphic design at a small private college. I like it, Im just not sure how much I LOVE it. I have never really been good at school to begin with, the ADD makes it difficult to concentrate, even at the best of times, and in the best of situations. I find myself in a class with a teacher that just bores the heck out of me. I was sooo excited about the class too, its the Adobe Photoshop class.  I was so excited to learn about photoshop, and didn’t think for one second that you could actually make that class boring, however this teacher has. 

I find myself sometimes really wondering what the heck I am doing.  Really, what am I doing in school, I hate school.  I am four sememsters in so this thinking is really beyond the point, but sometimes I just wonder.  Sometimes I just wish I could go back to the way things were before I started, so uncomplicated and easy.  Then again I wonder if anything really were ever easy.  I knew I needed to go to school to get a new career, because working in childcare just doesn’t pay the bills, at least not as well as I wish it would.  Ah…life.   


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