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Meemo January 27, 2007

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Alright, I know I said earlier that I was calling my biomom Aimee, her name is actually Amy, and I actually call her Meemo.  Don’t ask me where I got it, it just kinda came one day.  I don’t know how to explain it, but I needed something to call her besides Amy, she was after all the woman who gave birth to me.  The stranger with the same face as me, Amy was just too impersonal, so I came up with Meemo.  I didn’t want to put it on here, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to find my blog.  I had found hers on accident, and she had said some things about me that were honest, but weren’t quite the nicest.  So she closed hers and insisted I open mine.  She told me to make it so that she couldn’t find it, but thanks to Kim and her links, she did anyway.  I am perfectly fine with this, and had decided already that I was perfectly fine with this.  So Meemo it shall now be.  

I suppose I shall tell my version of the story of how we met, even though some of you may know it anyway from her old blog. 

It happened faster than a speeding bullet(alright so I am a little dramatic).  I have said the timing was perfect, and it really, really was.  I was ready, really ready ON the day that I got my first email from her.  (thanks Kim, for badgering her to try to find me).    It was wonderful, amazing, just to know her name.  Just to know enough about her personality to know that she was so much like me.   It was validating just to know that I wasn’t a freak of nature after all, just, as she calls it, a freak of her.  I called her on the phone the next day, and we talked.  One of the biggest question I had was ‘what am I’ meaning, Italian, French Canadien, alien, what.  This is something that I didn’t know.  And for all those who do know, it probably just seems second nature and not a big deal, but for those of us who don’t… we dread the question, so what nationality are you?  I think that was the first question I asked her.  

We met four days after that, on Sept. 16th.  We met in a little resturant in the town that she lives in, its so weird, I read all these stories about the distances that must be travelled to meet each other, and how long it took.  We live in neighboring towns, her house is 15 mins from mine.   It took us forever to figure out what we wanted to eat, because I think both of us were just in shock that after all these years, we were sitting next to each other, and we LIKED each other.   Afterwards she took me to a paint your own pottery place, totally awesome!  I painted a fairy, as I love fairies.  I named her Marie, after Meemo’s middle name, and the middle name she gave me at birth.   It was the best day of my life, and I think I will remember it as so forever.   I met her son’s and her boyfriend the next week, and we all got along fine.  It was all just still amazing to me. 

We still get along amazing, sometimes I think its almost like being in a marriage, once you get past the first ‘honeymoon’ period you start to get into the groove of things, and it isn’t always perfect.  However, I still think it could have gone a million different way’s and am totally happy with the way it did go.  Nothing in my life has ever gone so well, or been so perfectly what I needed! 


5 Responses to “Meemo”

  1. joy Says:

    I am really glad to see you here.

    I was worried about you.

  2. reunionwritings Says:

    Meeom is so lovely, I wish my daughter had a special name for me, I have secret special names for her.

  3. reunionwritings Says:

    Stupid spelling/dislexia from tirednes, I meant Meemo is lovely.


    I love your name for your mom. It’s perfect. I still feel quite awkward about all that… It’s wonderful to hear such a sweet creative combination of name, Amy, and relationship, mom.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Rebecca

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