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Excited January 29, 2007

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YAY!!! I am soo excited 🙂 Ok… I suppose I shall explain my excitement. Meemo is taking me to the casino in Niagara Falls in One week and six days… yay. I have never been to a casino, and I have never been outside of our little city with Meemo. I am just so excited to be doing something so cool with her! Ok, granted, Niagara falls is like a whole whopping hour and a half from where we live, we are making a saturday trip of it. But its still cool, its still exciting. It still means the world to me. She has taken me a lot of really cool places, on the day we met we went to the paint your own pottery place, and she also took me to a barbeque resturant in the city that I hadn’t been to but had been wanting to, Dinosaur barbeque, we are also suppose to, at some point, go to this really cool little Italian resturant in the city as well.
I kinda wondered when it would be that we would actually go somewhere together. She goes camping a lot (in the summer) so I kinda figured that it would be some random camping trip. I never really expected a… I am getting my taxes back and we can go to the casino, next week! YAY 🙂 She’s so awesome!
I got my bracelet fixed last night, very excited about that as well. She made me new glass beads that have two colors instead of one, they are so pretty, I will post a picture. I missed it in an odd sort of way. She also put together a really pretty necklace out of the old beads, a new bead that she made specificly for a necklace, and a few handmade(not by her) glass beads that she had. Its really pretty, but at the moment unwearable, so I hung it from my rearview mirror.
I am going, this weekend, to see Lord of the Dance with my mom. I am excited to see it, I like all that irish dancing stuff. I am nervous to see my mom, well not nervous per say, I just havn’t seen her since christmas. I am sure she is feeling lost, I know I am her daughter, and I don’t really want to lose my mom. I just feel iffy about her sometimes now. Meemo decided that the two of them should probably meet, just to get the unknown out of the air. I am going to see how this weekend goes, I really hope that it goes well and we can talk. I have always been one that likes to talk things through, I just find myself scared to talk to her. I don’t want her to be hurt, but I am sure she is feeling something. She isn’t stupid, I am sure that she noticed the withdraw of me that just happened to coincide with meeting Meemo. I guess I just don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to approch this, if I should just act like everything is normal with her and have a good time, or if I should talk to her. I suppose I will just wait and react to the situation however it comes. Ahhh, again, I wish there were some kind of manual for this.


One Response to “Excited”

  1. reunionwritings Says:

    How is your mum coping with you being in reunion? Has she changed too?

    Maybe you can just tell her that you don’t want to lose her? That might help her to talk to you about her feelings too.

    Tell your other mother that I desperately want a postcard from Niagra falls…….

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