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Miracles really do happen February 5, 2007

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Have you ever realized that someone was in your life due to a miracle? I do, and didn’t even know it.

I knew my mother almost died, this was when I was nine years old. She got real sick and was in the hospital for over a month. Her Gall Bladder went bad and shot infections through the rest of her body. I knew she almost died, I didn’t know that she was supposed to die. I never knew, until yesturday, just how close it was.
My sister and I were five and nine. So I know that my parents kept the worst from us. I knew it was bad, because well, when my mom was in the hospital, I got to be the mom. I learned how to do laundry, how to cook basic things and do a lot of things. We spent a lot of time switching from house to house among relatives and with my Dad(my dad was never really good at the house duties, such as cooking). We spent a lot of time up at the hospital with my mom. It was hard.

I found out later that she almost died…

I found out yesturday that she didn’t almost die, she was supposed to. The doctors had said that she had no chance of coming out of her Gall Bladder surgery.

They told her that there was a small chance that she would make it out, if they pumped her full of high strenghth, high toxicity, antibiotics, and if she did make it through, she would most likely be paralized. I guess my parents updated her will, and made sure that she had said goodbye to everyone she loved, before she even went into surgery. Thinking there was about a 90% chance, even with the anti-biotics, that she wasn’t going to make it out alive.

My parents prayed, my mother prayed. And miraculously, she came out of the surgery, and even more miraculous, was that she came out with no more damage from the anti-biotics than a burst eardrum. Which will forever hinder her balance, but nothing worse than that.

Its quite amazing really, and I guess it just hit me hard to know that I was that close to loosing my mom. Despite the fact that we never really got along that well, I still wouldn’t have ever wanted her gone.


One Response to “Miracles really do happen”

  1. Some other Jessica Says:

    Yeeekkks. How scary. I’m glad your mom came through ok.

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