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Coincidences February 7, 2007

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When Meemo and I met, it didn’t take all that long to realize that there were quite a few coincidences with us. In all reality, I just kind-of realized that it is quite a small world, and we were always much closer to each other than I think we ever realized, well at least that I ever realized.

For one thing, we live one town over from each other. She always knew where I was, I had no idea where she was. I knew, when I was given birth to, that she lived in the same city. However, people move all the time, so it was entirly possible that she had, and I would never have known. This was not the case. I grew up one town away from her. I was baptized in the town where she lives, in a church that is maybe three or so miles from her house. When I moved out of my parents house, I moved one town over from them. And the way our towns are situated, I still lived in the next town away from her. In the town that I live in presently, there is just about two main routes out. One of them is a semi-expressway, this expressway passes directly over her street, and if you look hard enough, you can see where her driveway starts from the overpass on this expressway. I drive, and have driven, this expressway just about every day since I moved there, and countless times with my parents before I moved out. I essentially drove by my bmoms house, everyday, without even knowing it. Kinda odd.

We also have the same doctor. I knew this, ahead of time, well I knew that she had SEEN the same doctor because that doctor was the one who set up the adoption. However, she still goes there, I still go there. Funny we never just ran into each other there… staring back at ourselves and wondering. I knew that she had gone there, and because of my mom asking the doctor something about her when I was about sixteen, I knew then, that she still went there. I used to sit in the waiting room and just look around, watching people. Wondering if ever I would run into her. Wondering that if I did, what would I say, and if I would know it was her.  Every time I went there, she was in my mind, wondering, thinking.

After meeting her I found out that we saw the same councelor, years ago, when I was younger and she was going through her rather nasty divorce. It was in her town, and was a councelor that my primary doctor (not the one we share) reccomended to me. I saw her for eleven months, I cannot remember how long Meemo said she was with her. But we know that we both saw her, and even stranger, we both saw her AT THE SAME TIME! The timing worked out right, and at some point, we were both there, at the same time (not the same MOMENT of course, but in the same year). We think also, that she knew. We think that she knew that we were mother and child, and she never let it slip. I am dying to know if this is true, but if it is, it would make sense. She was always pushing me on the adoption issue.

I found out today that she works with a girlfriend of one of my co workers. Not just works in the same company, works WITH her. Sits near her, talks to her. This is a co worker that I have worked with for five years. I have known, talked to, and worked WITH for five years. All this time, Meemo has worked with her girlfriend, just yet another connection between us two.

Oh, and her friends daughter wore my used dance shoes 😉

Its just strange to think that all this time there has been this connection between us. Connections that we just never knew. Even stranger is how we met. It would have been so easy for me to find her, so easy to ask the doctor. So easy to look up the name of the lawyer. So easy to go in so many different directions, and yet, it happened here. In Cyberspace, on a website thats one in a million, and found on a whim. Funny how some things happen that way.


9 Responses to “Coincidences”

  1. Amy Says:

    You forgot that my friends daughter wore your used dance shoes. 🙂

  2. elizabeth Says:

    Wow. Those are some amazing coincidences!

  3. Chez Says:

    Just amazing.
    I ended up growing up a few suburbs away from my older sister – also adopted at birth – and we dated boys from the same school and spent holidays/vacations at the same places.
    Life is weird sometimes- hey??!!

  4. reunionwritings Says:

    That’s too weird. It makes me really hate adoption too. How ridiculous that you weren’t allowed to know each other.

  5. Nancy Says:

    Wow, small world!

  6. Nicole Says:

    Its so painful to read how you were separated by only a few miles for so long. I have no idea about what kind of person your birth mother is, but regardless, it sounds heartbreaking. There is so much that is left out by our adoptive parents–they weren’t educated to know that we, as adoptees, had/have a NEED to KNOW. I think it never crossed alot of adoptive parents’ minds, which is really wierd, I think.

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