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Ah, Niagara Falls February 10, 2007

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Ok, so… Meemo and I went to Niagra Falls…. 🙂  If I could insert some ridiculously huge smiley face here, I would… but I can’t.

We went to the falls, we went to the casino, I love her, we had the most amazing time.  I am sure I will come up with something brilliant to say tomorrow, when I am not still full from buffet food and overwhelmed and hearing dingings and slot machine noises in my head. 

For now, I will just blog about the stupid guy that almost fell into the falls…

We get to the falls, after getting lost and driving around in little circles… HELLO it is NIAGARA FALLS, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, you can see the mist from pretty much anywhere in the area, yet we couldn’t find somewhere that we could park for free and walk up and see them.  It was quite my insistence that we see them in the first place, given that it was 18 degrees and windy, and the mist from the falls does nothing but make everything, really, really icy.   I wanted to see them, if I was going to come to Niagara falls, I at least wanted to see them. 

So we find our spot, we park, I slide around like a kid on a skating rink around the parking lot while Meemo walked around with a towel on her head (no I am not joking)  because she didn’t buy a hat when we were at the store, which I am sure she is still going to blame on me.    Anyway, we get to the falls, and there is all sorts of police vehicles and stuff all around.  I am wondering what is going on, but continue my silly antics of sliding around on the ice.  We got down to where you could actually see something, and this policeman is telling everyone to stay back….  Someone, someone NOT from the area, decided that he wanted to have a closer look at the falls, and climbed OVER the fence (that is there for a REASON!)

He got a closer look

When I tell you everything is covered in ice, I mean EVERYTHING is covered in ICE.  Picture a constant mist in far below freezing temperatures, constantly…. There isa little hill thing beyond the fence, Im not sure if it was frozen water, or just frozen land completely covered in ice, that leads directly into the water, which leads directly into the falls.  This is why there is a fence there!  Everything is frozen and totally covered in a solid sheet of ice, so picture this guy climbed over the fence, onto a downward angled ice skating rink that leads no where but gigantic crashing waterfalls, hmmmm brilliant guy I tell ya.  Well he wanted a closer look, and he got one. 

We got there just in time to witness this guy being rescued…  pulled up the downward angled ice skating rink by some kind of harness thing and back to safety, on the other side of the fence, and then proceeded to be put in a police car.  Very exciting.  I kinda feel bad for the guy, but geez where are the brain cells here.   I guess he got really close, too close, to falling into the water.  At which point there would have been no chance because he would have fallen almost directly into the falls themselves.  If you have never seen Niagara falls, the awesome power of it is inexplicable.  And this poor guy almost went swimming in it.  

Exciting time

And no… we really didn’t win a darn thing at the casino.


One Response to “Ah, Niagara Falls”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    LOL some people are so stupid! Last time I was at the falls there were a couple groups of people from who knows where (India maybe?) swimming, yes SWIMMING in the Niagra river not even 100 yards from the falls. Idiots!

    Did you know that no one has ever survived a fall over the American falls? Only survivors have been from the Canadian falls.

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