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Ah how I love Upstate NY March 7, 2007

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Valentines day snowstormYes, that is a carIt (was) almost meltingMarch 5th snow

I love living in upstate NY…. It is fantastic, fun, great, exciting.  The most exciting thing about living in upstate NY?  The weather….

Much to my chagrin, again this year, we had a green christmas.  It snowed several inches on October 12th-13th but we had a green christmas. 

Its now march, if we had a green christmas, you would think we would at least be getting close to a green march, oh no… I wouldn’t live in upstate NY if we had things that made sense like this! 

Nope it was in the 50’s (10 degrees celsius) in January… and we had no snow.  And tommorow  March 8th, the low temp is 3 degrees (-16 c) yep you read it right, 3.  It was a balmy zero (-18 c) degrees tuesday when I left for work…  Yep, I love it here!

We got a major snowstorm on valentines day, and we still have snow left from that.  On top of more snow that we are getting now.  Yippy.  I do love snow… but in march?

And one of these days, its going to pour, and then… then it will all melt and we will have a huge flood on our hands.  Welcome to upstate NY.


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