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My totally awesome Dad May 5, 2007

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Today, I don’t hate that I am adopted. 

Really, I don’t.  I really, really, really don’t.  I understand why my Meemo did what she did, and I think for the first time today it was obvious to me.  It wasn’t a selfish decision (not that I ever thought it was.) But instead a selfless one.  And I think for the first time today, well at least since knowing her and actually acknowledging that I am adopted, I appreciated it.   I am who I am today because of it, and I would have never known my Dad if I hadn’t been.   And my Dad is just one of those people you need to know, that is awesome to know. 

Today, my adad busted his butt for me.  He really did, and it isn’t the first time he has done so.  I have gotten myself in a couple sticky situations, and my Dad has never failed me.  Sure at times I don’t like him, sure at times he can be a real jerk.  However, I can be a real big B so I can’t complain.  My Dad has just come through for me in ways that I can’t even describe, and today was one of them. 

Yesterday, my car, my pos 1997 Sunfire with just about 200,000 miles on it, finally decided it had had enough.  On the expressway, on my way to go babysit, the transmission blew.   It was fun, let me tell ya. 

And ya know what??  I didn’t completely melt down about it.  I didn’t freak out, I didn’t get upset, I didn’t feel like my world was coming to an end.  My car was dead, and I was calm.  I got my car taken to an impound lot and I freaked out and couldn’t function because I thought it was the end of the world.  I have come a long, long way. 

I called my Dad, and he just helped me out.  He tried everything he thought would be possible, putting himself elbows up into transmission fluid to see if he could fix it, before he decided that it was dead. 

Then he did the coolest thing of all.  He helped me get a new car, I didn’t even want a new car, I really didn’t.  I just wanted something that would get me through until I was done with school and then figure it out from there.  But ya know what he said?

He said that I deserved a new car.  That I deserved a car that I didn’t have to worry about.  One with a warranty that would last through the millions of miles I drive every day.  One that wasn’t going to break, and need to be in the shop.  One that I could count on.  A NEW car.  He said that I have worked hard my whole life, and not really gotten a lot out of it.  That I have overcome a lot of bad situations, and despite all that, still made it on my own. 

My dad.  My Adad.  My DAD!!!  I am soo happy I could cry, shit I am crying.  My Dad is proud of me.  My Dad has totally put himself on the line for me.  He is helping me, and he is going to help me make this work. 

This is my Dad, my Dad who remarried and had two children who are biologically his own, two children who will probably be good at sports, and a son who loves to play in dirt like he did when he was a kid.  I am not even biologically his.  And yet, he still stepped up to the plate, he still busted his butt for me. 

He still told me he is proud of me, of who I am, and who I have become. 

And that means more to me than the best car money can buy. 


4 Responses to “My totally awesome Dad”

  1. issycat Says:

    That’s great, Jessie. I’m really glad that he came through for you.
    You and I have a lot in common. I taught preschool and ran parenting classes for ten years. My aparents are also divorced.
    And we are both new to reunion. I look forward to reading more of your story.
    I think you’re really great. 🙂

  2. issycat Says:

    Oh yes. I forgot to add. We have a lot in common only my dad never bought me a car. 😦
    What kind did you get?

  3. justenjoyhim Says:

    That is wonderful. Dads can be so great!! 😀

  4. Jessie Says:

    Issy, yes we do have quite a lot in common don’t we??
    Just to specify, my dad didn’t buy me the car, but he sure as heck made it possible.
    I bought a new Hyundai Accent. Tiny, but absolutly cute, I love it 🙂

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