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So Sad :( June 25, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jessie @ 5:49 pm

I am going without internet 😦  I have to send my baby, I mean my laptop, in to get fixed.

I am going to have to be without it for like two weeks… Oh goodness, I can’t even imagine.  Its going to be tough.

But I am going to get it back all shiny pretty and new!!!!!

I am going to try and check in… at least after I have my ‘meet Jessie’ picnic this weekend at my bio-dads.  Thats going to be interesting.

So I shouldn’t be compleatly gone… and you know… there are libraries.

Gosh I gotta go to the library???  Yuck.

So ttfn, taa taa for now!


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