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About me January 24, 2007

What can I say.  I am me!  I am Jessie.  I am 26… and counting ;p.  This blog was originally started as my adoptee blog, but is now more just my life blog.  I was away for a long time, but discovered that I really miss blogging.  

This blog is my way of sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world!  So read away 🙂


8 Responses to “About me”

  1. Possum Says:

    LOVE what you’ve done with the place!!
    Poss. xxxxx

  2. Melissa R Says:

    Thank you for everything you have written. You have described me to a T. Only I am 35, and married with 3 children. I’m in reunion with my dad after all these years, my mother is gone now (drugs etc). I don’t think I have been so happy in my life, the acceptance, support and unconditional love are all I have ever wanted and are so overwhelming. On the same side I am scared to death that I will F this up, as I do with everything. That he someday will tire of what an emotional mess I am…though I have never met anyone so dedicated to me, and helping me through this. How did I get so lucky? I am never lucky, EVER.
    I wonder if I will ever feel normal.

  3. nicole Says:

    I just found your blog last night and I feel so relieved. Ahhhh….
    I, too, read it and feel like yes, I finally found someone who is like me. What it is like to be you sounds very familiar. I found a new therapist to work with and we just began talking about bpd. Everything makes more sense.
    This life is hard.
    I see your posts are all from a while back; I hope you come back and begin blogging again:)

  4. Caryn Says:


    Thank you!! I just found your blog a couple days ago. I have known I have bpd for a while now. Never been diagnosed formally, but I have all of the classic signs and symptoms so I consider myself to be. At least having a name for it and a category to put myself into feels a LOT better than just floating along and wondering what the hell is wrong with me and who I am and all that crap. Anyway, recently I started looking around the internet at adoption resources. Yes, I was adopted at birth, but until just a few weeks ago, I didn’t realize that all that was what all these other feelings could be attributed to. And in researching some of that, I found out that a ton of adoptees have bpd. Now it’s all starting to make sense!! I came upon your blog and began reading it, and it describes me completely, right down to the relationship with my amom. The only thing I haven’t done yet is try to get in contact with my bmom or bdad. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have written. You explain the feelings so well!! I finally feel like there are other people out there who feel like I do and so maybe I am not just this crazy, psychotic person who should be locked up! Although that still remains to be seen 🙂 But thanks so much for taking the time to write and in the process to help others like us.


    • Jessie Says:

      Thank you for your comment Caryn. If for nothing else, all the frustration, at least my words can help someone else. I know that feeling of relief you describe, as I had it when I found out I had BPD and when I met my friend M who also had it. It was like YES I am not completely nuts!
      And yep, a lot of adoptees have BPD, a LOT of them. Thats how I explained it to my Amom when she just ‘couldn’t understand where she went wrong!’ Its okay mom, I am just f’ed up because I am adopted, nevermind you!
      And no you aren’t a crazy psychotic person, just another crazy adoptee 🙂

  5. Nicole Says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! Looking forward to reading more from you.
    I’d love for you to check out my site, too:

  6. yahpeep Says:

    I love your blog, you make me feel less lonely!

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